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We love guns just like you.  We are located in Tallahassee and we specialize in firearms training and concealed weapon classes for handguns for all types of shooters whether experienced or brand new to the game.  By selecting Armor Firearms & Training you will be trained by a 12-year sworn State certified Deputy Sheriff and veteran Law Enforcement Instructor who also happens to be an award winning pistol team coach. 

Its obvious if you are here you have decided that need your concealed weapon license or gun permit. Let's face it, the world isn't getting any safer. Nothing's more important than your personal safety and that of your loved ones. As a current 12- year veteran of law enforcement, I know for a fact that law enforcement at times is overwhelmed by calls for service. Seconds or minutes waiting for their arrival when you are faced with an imminent threat could mean the difference between life or death. Getting firearms training for self-defense can save your life and those you love most in these situations. In fact, your chances of survival in these situations exponentially increase when you display and handgun and even more so when you use it accurately and immediately. 

Armor Firearms Training encourages everyone legally allowed to carry and concealed weapon or handgun to do so everyday. We hope you will get your concealed weapon permit training in Tallahassee from those who know how to provide it. We at Armor Firearms Training want to be the premier firearms training company in Tallahassee. In our concealed weapon permit classes we promise to prepare you with the will and ability to win a dangerous firearms encounter. Mental strength, sound firearms marksmanship skills and the desire to survive are some of the core of our training. 

We also prepare you for any firearms encounter with a handgun whether at home, at work, while running errands, wherever. These unfortunate encounters can happen unexpectedly and in an instant. We want to armor your mind, armor your body and armor your skills to overcome these unwanted events. Give us the opportunity and we will "Armor You for Life." We welcome you to Armor Firearms Training

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